About Us

Cassandra Cares, Inc. is an organization dedicated to ending homelessness. We believe no matter the situation, everyone deserves to have a roof over their head. No matter if an individual is a single parent trying to provide for his/her family, a recovering addict, someone recently released from prison, teenager transitioning out of the foster care system, or someone who has fallen on hard times, we want to become a place of refuge. We are committed to the belief that a home is the first step in helping those get back on their feet and start to prepare for the future. No one should be forced to sleep exposed to outside elements. Therefore, if you are seeking help, please do not hesitate to contact us. Put your name on our housing sign up list and you will be contacted shortly. If you know someone who is seeking help, please also fill out a form on their behalf. We are dedicated to you. We are dedicated to giving. We are dedicated to compassion.

In order to contribute to lessening homelessness, we need your help. We accept donations of all forms including: monetary donations (cash, debit, credit card), houses, apartments, duplexes, buildings, land, etc. We also would love to partner with other organizations and companies for a common cause. All donations are tax deductible. We will provide you with the correct forms necessary to make sure you receive your tax deduction for all heartfelt charitable gifts. Please help to spread the love around to those in need. No donation is too big or too small. Everything is appreciated and we cannot do this without you. Thank you in advance for helping to end homelessness.

We are in the beginning stages of Cassandra Cares, Inc. We will always work to show the progress we make as an organization toward our common goal. Please continue to check our website for updates including the use of your donations, increases in houses/apartments we gain, and the overall steps forward we take. We look forward to making the future a better place with you by our side.

It’s Not Whether You Get Knocked Down, It’s Whether You Get Up.” – Vince Lombardi

Our Mission

Cassandra Cares, Inc. is devoted to finding a home for individuals who are in need. No matter the reason for homelessness, we are dedicated to helping put a roof over the head of those in need and assisting while individuals get back on their feet. Without judgment, we are a place of refuge for anyone who needs a helping hand. We strive to help eliminate homelessness. We strive to inspire. We strive to help. We strive to make this world a better place where everyone has a a place to call home. Our mission is based on your fight, strength, determination, generosity, and compassion.

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Our Vision

Cassandra Cases, Inc. visions a world where everyone has a warm place to lay their head at night. In order to prepare for the future, one must feel comfortable in the present. We hope to provide assistance in the present to allow individuals to prepare for a prosperous future. Everyone should set goals, no matter how big or small, without having to worry about a roof over their head each night. We strive to provide that comfort. We aim to supply a place of refuge. We vision a world where everyone has a home.

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